Medrik Dynamic Technology 

The company specializes in biomedical engineering

The very specialty of Medrik Dynamic Technology is innovation in the field of medical cardiovascular devices, which permanently proceeds with customers’ desires. We have exerted our skills in biology, fluid mechanics and 3D modeling at service of innovative companies.


Prototyping, in vitro test bench

Medrik Dynamic Technology teams are currently working on the design of a high-performance test bench to test the prototype and validate the results of the simulations and CFD tests.


Numerical Simulation

3D / 4D numerical simulation, we analyse the behaviour of a medical device in the heart to study its performance and its impact on blood flow, and understand the risks of implantation.


Artificial intelligence

Using artificial intelligence processes, image processing can segment desired parts of the anatomy to detect abnormalities and the formation or development of cardiac problems at an early stage.


Conception and Development

From an idea, we study the feasibility and realize the design of innovative pumps and rotary equipment that meet the demanding characteristics of efficiency, resistance, and hemocompatibility.


In MDT, we aim to help innovative companies
through our knowledge and experience, especially in medical devices. We are proud of our experts who can focus on the R&D process and bring you the best solution for various problems.