We support you in your R&D project from design to manufacturing.

Medical Device

We listen to your requirements and help you to launch your high-quality implantable medical device on the market.

Advanced Techniques

With our digital simulation services we monitor a patient's cardiac activity and detect any abnormalities, the apparition and/or development of cardiac problems.

Prototyping and in vitro test bench

Our teams are currently working on the design of a high-performance test bench to test the prototype and validate the results of the simulations and CFD tests.

Numerical Simulation

3D/4D simulation of the heart and the flow of biological fluids, segment heart failure problems or study the performance of an implantable medical device.

Our simulations and modeling of your equipment allow us to analyze their impact on core and fluid mechanics. This will allow us to reduce the risk of implantation and to optimize the device.

The study of intraventricular flow by combining Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) provides a useful and efficient view of the functioning of the ventricle in terms of kinematic, dynamic and energetic characteristics.

Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence processes, image processing can segment desired parts of theanatomy to detect abnormalities and the formation or development of cardiac problems at an early stage.

Conception and Development

The design and study of pumps and rotating equipment allow an improvement in the efficiency, resistance, feasibility and hemocompatibility of solutions thanks to digital simulation tools and 3D modelling.

Mastering mechanical fluids helps to design compliant and functional medical devices. Accompanying the customer in the realization of the design of his medical device is essential, as is listening to his requests and offering him quality work.